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Based in Dorset and East Anglia, our qualified, insured and professional team are dedicated to providing a safe and personal service for all of your animal transportation needs, from short trips to international travel.

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Dear Gemma,

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for the excellent service you provided in collecting my Dad and his cat and taking them for a vet appointment. The whole experience for me – booking the visit – and for Dad were so kindly and professionally managed by yourselves and we are so grateful. You even called me when Dad was back home which was so kind. My Dad is no longer able to drive and I have been coming some distance to help Dad get to his various appointments and to know that you are there to help with future visits is such a help”




Short Trips

We're here when you need to travel to the vet, groomers, kennels, training sessions (puppy classes etc.), or visit friends.

Longer Journeys


Day trips for collecting new pets, house moving, self-catering holidays, showing & competitions.



We're here 24/7, 365 days a year for when your furry companions need us most.

International Travel

Stress-free journeys for you and your pets on sabbaticals, emmigration, immigration, and when purchasing pets & animals from Europe.



Contact us for top quality obedience and BSPCA Service Dog accredited training.


Our Mission:
To provide a friendly, reliable and professional animal transportation service for short or long journeys, across all disciplines and covering domestic and international travel.



Gemma established a love for animals at the youngest age. Growing up on a busy farm filled with horses, goats, livestock, dogs and cats, Gemma quickly learned how to tend to her animals, in health and sickness, with love, kindness - and military precision.

Assisi Animal Taxis & Transportation, Gemma's brainchild, was born out of a large gap in the market for professional, reliable and friendly animal transportation. Since launching, the company been inundated with work and believe the company's success is due to their ethos of bringing integrity, discipline, honesty and understanding to every job.

John Pierre

JP is a highly experienced, professional dog trainer, to all levels, and is the founder of JPMANK9 Training Service. He has many years of experience in competitive dog sports and presently competes with his Malinois, Vonlucianhan Armageddon, (aka 'Junior'), at BH , IPO1, UKTDA Level 2, CDEx, UDex WDex, TD op.


JP competed at the BSPCA Service Dog of the Year 2015 with the following results: Working Dog of the Year: 3rd, Manwork (Neil Yates Trophy): 2nd, Obedience (Presidents Cup): 3rd, Agility (Zak & Scruff Cup): 1st. He also competed in and has done Helper work for several national level competitions including working trials.

When not helping clients to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, JP competes in various UK dog sports with his own dogs. JP is also one of the most successful breeders of working malinois in the UK.







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