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Dog Training and Behaviour Support

I pride myself on helping dogs and their owners achieve the sort of life we all dream about having with our dogs, using only positive and modern methods. 

I'm proud to have supported hundreds of dog owners to achieve results, and my vast experience training many breeds (from tiny Cockerpoos through to Belgian Malinois), makes me the perfect choice for training both pet and working dogs.

My training packages and programmes are developed carefully so that owners have the support and guidance they need to make the behaviour changes they require.


I love supporting my clients throughout our time together and I can't wait to find out how I can support  you and your dog. 


Animal Transportation Services

Based in Dorset and East Anglia, our qualified, insured and professional team are dedicated to providing a safe and personal service for all of your animal transportation needs, from short trips to international travel.


We're here when you need to travel to the vet, groomers, kennels, training sessions (puppy classes etc.), or visit friends.


We work across the whole UK and also offer day trips for collecting new pets, house moving, showing and competitions.


If you have an emergency situation we work closely with vets across the country to offer 24/7 support, 365 days a year - for when your furry companions need us most.

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